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Nov 2017

Prosecco Please!

Prosecco. The down to earth, unassuming cousin of the more distinguished and refined Champagne. I love it – and if sales at La Vigna are anything to go by, so does everyone else. We have been through the era of…

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Sep 2017

Wish upon a Tuscan star…

Having escaped Perth’s winter for the welcoming and temperate arms of the Italian summer, I thought I would throw open a window and send the warm fragrance of Italy your way. A little escapism is as refreshing as a holiday,…

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Jun 2017

Is it Kosher?

If you know very little about Kosher wines, you are not alone, and if you are not Jewish, you are unlikely to have ever tasted, or asked for one. Notions of boiled wine and tart, immature grapes have, over the…

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