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Jun 2017

Is it Kosher?

If you know very little about Kosher wines, you are not alone, and if you are not Jewish, you are unlikely to have ever tasted, or asked for one. Notions of boiled wine and tart, immature grapes have, over the…

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Dec 2016

Bring us another deck chair and a glass of good wine!

Last year’s glitter and excitement was great, but this year all I want for Christmas is a comfortable recliner and a glass of bubbles. After all, the festive season in Australia is about barbecues, playing cricket by the river with…

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Nov 2016

Break out the bubbles!

Break out the bubbles!

Bubbles have certainly added sparkle to the world of wine.  There was once a time when bubbles were cursed by winemakers and believed to be a fault.  In fact, it is said that Dom Perignon, widely considered the grandfather of…

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